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What is EfiiStay?

"EffiStay " - The word comes from Efficient-Stay. EffiStay values for 'Efficient Time ' and 'Efficient Money ' . EffiStay is a Company which stands for the moto - " Pay till You Stay " .
 We at EffiStay aim to provide luxurious rooms to our customers at highly affordable prices for the time they stay. 
Introducing to you the All New "Live Hotel Booking System " where you can book short stays instantly by going live on our App,according to your hourly needs. 
Imagine yourself at a Railway Station with your family where your train is delayed by 6hours. 
"Where to go? I dont have enough money to book a hotel for 6hours and pay a 1 day full charge " - the basic thinking which will come in any normal people's mind.
 But that was completely in the Past. Nothing to worry about now,as EffiStay is here for you. EffiStay values time and money and henceforth the Concept has been unveiled for the solution of Common peoples miseries.

 How is effistay different from others?

EffiStay is the first ever LIVE HOTEL BOOKING CHAIN where you can book hotels on your Hourly Needs at the cheapest price instantly,anytime and anywhere.EffiStay values for 'Efficient Time ' and 'Efficient Money '.
The inventeries which are available at your booking need time will be shown,hence there is no case of unavailable rooms when you will be present at the hotel. EffiStay promises the cheapest price and values for your
money and time.

In which cities is effistay currently present?

Currently EffiStay is prersent over 20+ cities in India.We are a growing chain and we are soon reaching to your city to end the common miseries.

What are the benefits of the customers?
Instead of paying a hefty 24hrs Stay price for your short stay, you are paying according to the time and hours your are booking the hotel. Hence, EffiStay 
provides you the best pocket-friendly and cheap hotel bookings.

Can i book a room for few hours?using effistay?
Using EffiStay,you can book rooms for exactly the time you will stay. At the end, 'Who pays for Unused hours?'. Starting from 3HOURS onwards,you can book hotels exactly for the time you need.

How do I create an account?
You can login using your active mobile number or just register with your Facebook and Google account for a more better account credentials.

How do I reset my password?
There is no problem of problem issues with EffiStay. You just simply login with your mobile number and an OTP will be sent to the number with which you can login. On the other hand if you 
use your Facebook or Google account then things are pretty automatically taken and you will login into your account easily.

Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?
Surely using your account you can book a Live Hotel Room anytime. Just fill in the person's details while you are booking the room.

Can I view a listing before I book?
Surely, you will be able to see the list of Live Hotels who are waiting to welcome you before booking a room.

What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of the EffiStay website?
When you have booked a hotel with EffiStay, then price and room will be controlled totally by the team. If you are staying for extra hours excess of your booking time, then you can extend your stay
via the EffiStay app or website. If someone asks you for extra money, dont pay blindly, stick to the price fixed by EffiStay, and if further problems arises contact the EffiStay helpline team.      

Why should I pay and communicate through EffiStay directly?
With EffiStay, you are guaranteed the most secure and pocket friendly Live rooms around you. The price and the entire management is controlled by Team EffiStay.

How do I check the status of my reservation as a guest?
Once a customer has booked a hotel he/she will receive a checkin OTP in their registered mobile no.At the time of checkin, customer will checkin using this OTP at the reception desk. Once the OTP has been given,

the Status of booking will change to Checkin. Once Checked in and OTP given,the status cannot be changed.


How do i make a booking using effistay?
You can book a hotel by visiting our website(www.effistay.com), or you can simply download our app from Play Store. 

How do i write to in case i face problems while booking?
You can simply call us or chat with us at the Customer Support section.

Will i get free meals with my bookings?
Not all bookings have free meals. Some bookings offer free meal. Or you can simply order from our Hotel Chain.

Can unmarried couples book a hotel from effistay?
For Sure. While Booking, just select the criteria couples, and only the list of those couple friendly hotels will be shown to you.

What's the minimum age criteria for booking a room?

Regarding Unmarried Couples, minimum age of Boy(21yrs) and Girl(18yrs) is to be mandatory, or else booking will not be accepted.

My partner is below 18years,and does not have any id proof,can we still book a room?

No. Id proof is a must for booking a room. Also Unmarries Couples below the minimum age criteria(18yrs) are not allowed in our hotels.

Are effistay hotels safe & secure for couples?

Totally Safe and Sound to spent some time together.

Can a guest with local id can book a hotel through effistay?


How can i modify/cancel my booking?

Yes, you can modify your booking before confirmation. After confirmation, you cannot modify your booking. 
If your plans change,you can cancel your booking. The refund will happen according to the EffiStay Cancellation Policy.

Can i provide a photocopy of my id proof during check-in?

Original id proof must for check-in.

If a couple checkin,do you need both the id-proofs?

Would like to have a room decoration for a special occasion,is it possible?

Definitely. It can be taken as a request. Just contact our Customer Care or mail us at [email protected] .



Is it possible to extend my stay to the next slot?

Yes, you have to book again from our app or site for the extended time.

Can i request a late checkout?

No, we work on live inventories. To extend your stay you can simply book via our app or website for the extended time.

What's the checkout policy?

When your slot time ends, you will get a checkout notification. Checkout happens when your slot time ends or you can checkout prior to the slot time too.

Is it ok,if i check-in after the standard slot timings that i booked?

Your checkin OTP will be valid when your checkin time starts. It will be valid for the next 30mins for you to checkin. Any further delay, will result in 
cancellation of booking.

Where can find the details of the bookings?

All details will be sent to your mail and mobile no. Also you can check your booking details in 'My Bookings' option.

Where can i find the invoice of my booking?

Entire invoice of your booking will be sent to your mail and mobile no.



What are the payment options are available at effistay?

There are two payment options - 
i) You can pay online for quick hasslefree checkin.
ii) You can pay at Hotel.

Do you accept international credit/debit card?

Depends on particular circumstances.

Why is my online transaction failing?

Maybe there is some problem in server. Refresh or try after some time.

I haven't got the booking confirmation mail after made the payment.what to do?

If your payment is done, then your booking is assured. It can happen due to some problem and hence booking details may come after some time. 
Further if no confirmation comes, then you can contact our customer support or mail us at [email protected] 

Can i choose to pay the entire booking amount at the hotel?

Yes. If you select Pay at hotel as your payment option.

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